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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

15. interasting facts about hyderabad, you didn't know

August 07, 2018
             * Facts about hyderabad*

Situated along the banks of the musi river, hyderabad is also known as the city of Musalman. the time you visit hear, you'll witness the charm that sets the city. The towering and amezing architecture and monuments force will admire you. Here are some interesting facts about hyderabad:

1. City of pearls!

Hyderabad is one of the chief producers of natural pearls and is also a major contributor of the diamond trade, hence is referred as the city of pearls.

2. Biggest monolithic Buddha statue!

With a height of 18 m and weight around 450 tons, this breathtaking statue of Buddha is the biggest single rock statue in the world.

3. India's 4th most populous city!

With the population of about 6.8 million this city is ranked 4th among the most populated cities in India.

4. Biggest Imax theatre in hydHydera!

Prasad's Imax theatre in Hyderabad is the biggest 3d screen in India with a 72 × 95 height and width, respectivel. It is also one of the most attended screens in the world. With the sitting capacity of around 635 l, it's a must place in hyHyderab.

5. Kohinoor has its origin here!

Kohinoor, a 105 karat priceless diamond is one of the most expensive diamond in the world. We believe to be mined here. It was taken by British and still in the uk.

6. Flourishing it centre!

Often referred to as the Hi-tech city hyderabad is one of the fastest growing IT cities in India. Companies such as Microsoft, yahoo, oracel, nokia, dell, AMD, accentAcc, Amazon,etc. Established their offices/workstations here.

7. The best convention centre in India!

Whether it's an event, exhibition or conference the HITEX convention centre provides with the best facilities in the country with the seating capacity of around 2500 people in 53 acres of area.

8. Home To Second largest film industry in world!

After Hindi film industry i.e. Bollywood, the Telugu film industry I.e. Tollywood is the
 2nd largest film industry in India with around 250 million turnovers.

9. During the winters, president of India lives Here!

Located at bolarum, Rashtrapati Nilayam is a single stories building. After India's independence, it was taken over from the Nizam of hyderabad and handed it over to the president secretariat. The president of visits Rashtrapati Nilayam at least once a year and conducts official business from this Nilayam.

10. The world famous biriyani!

Hyderabadi biryani is a dish invented during the period of Nizam rule and is made with rice spices and chicken or goat. It is mainly of two types, raw and cooked. There are around the variety of hyderabadi biryani.

11. The city of artificial lakes!

Lakes such as Hussain sagar, Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar are the most popular among the 140 lakes in hydrabad mainly due to dams and river musi.

12. World's biggest film studio is here!

The Ramoji film city is considered the biggest film studio complex in the world with a massive area of around 2000 acres.

13. Hometown of Indian tennis sensation!

Sania mirza, one of the most popular tennis players, is from hyderabad and is known as Indian tennis sensation.

14. The landmark of Hyderabad!

Construction way back in 1591 by Muhammad Quli qutb shah indeed symbolizes this city with the height of 56m surrounded by 4 minar towers, the Charminar is a must watch place in the city.

15. Seventh oldest University in India!

Established in 1918 by Osman Ali Khan, Osmania University is a well-known University with around 17,000 admission in all courses.

Monday, 6 August 2018


August 06, 2018

Why Bulls hate red colour

               Bullfighting is one of the most popular customs in Spain. People from different part of the world come to see a bullfighter (matador)  wave his red cape (muleta) in front of a snorting bull. Who appears to see the red cape and charge angrily towards it. We have a similar event in Tamil nadu during Pongal time.

              As kids, we ware told by our parents not to in front of a bull when wearing a red dress are something along thoes lines.

But why red colour makes Bulls angry?

             Here is a big surprise for you. Bulls are actually colour blind for red and green.

              Bulls, just like other cattel, can't differentiate between red and green colour. But have we not been told that red colours makes Bulls go mad why does a bull lose its temper and come charging?

              It's not the colour,but rather the movement of the cloth that makes bulls so angry. Moreover the Bulls used  in bullfights are from very aggressive breed and they raised in a way that any sudden movement will make these bulls angry and make attack.

               If the cape (red cloth) is of some other  colour also, the bull will still charge at it. Therefore, if a bullfighter is dressed in red and is standing still and another bullfighter dressed in any other colour ( even ) begins moving in front of the bull, the bull will attack the bullfighter in the when the one is moving.

So Why is the colour red used in bullfights?

                  A red - colour cape is used purely as a matter of tradition. From the 1700s muleta or the red cape was used for making a bull angry. Also red colour of the cape helps mask the blood of the bull as it is fended off by the matador.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Top 11 facts about Ganges river. You didn't know

August 02, 2018

The Ganga is the symbol of Indian civilization and culture, a confluence of intertwined memorism of joys and Painful cries. A Ganga is the source of faith and devotion, a fitness of war victories and deffets. It is the river that gives life to millions of Indian and is river where devotees prefer to take their last breath hoping to wash of all sins they committed. The importance of Ganga cannot be truly captured in word. Ganga lives in our heart but it is time we learn more about this incredible river.  So let's go on journey to the 11 interesting facts about Ganges river.

1. The Ganges origin is from Gangotri glacier in Himalayas southern slope and it runs thought India and Bangladesh covering a total distance of 2520 kilometres.

2. Ganga is the home from 140 different species of fish and 90 different species of amphibians.

3. Ganga is also the home for fresh water dolphin and Ganges sharjs, both of which are endangered species with Ganges shark being critically endangered.

4. The Ganga shark is a requiem shark species that is found in Indian rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra. While many confuse this species with bull shark. The Ganges shark lives and reproduces in Ganga.

5. river Ganga supports many bird species that are uniquely found in india.

6. University in Roorkee's D.S.Bhargava, and environmental engineer, studied and found that Ganga is the only river in the world that decomposes organic waste at a rate 15 to 25 times faster compaired to other rivers.

7. New Delhi based maleria research centre found that water taken from Ganga's upper ambits prevent mosquito breeding and also prevented mosquito breeding when the water  is added to any other water from other sources!

8. Pollution of Ganga has led to information of tumors in zooplankton. These zooplankton are food source for small fish which are in turn consumed by humans. As a result these tumors are not widespread in our food chain.

9. In Bihar, the river has shifted by 2.5 kilometres since 1990.

10. Speaking of fertile plaind, the plans of Ganga are extremely fertile, supporting the livelihood of over 400 Milion people. Another 1.2 billion Indians live in the 1557 - mile stretch around this river.

11. The Ganga delta formed by sediment - rich flows of rivers Ganga and bramhaputra is the largest known river delta in the world.

          SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT                                 GANGES RIVER

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

14. Interesting facts about mathematics. You didn't know

July 24, 2018
          Facts about Mathematics

Math is a very interesting subject, mathematical numbers are one of the significant part of our lives. From career, daily chores to relationship, studies, every thing is related to mathematics. Mathematics can be scarry sometimes, but if you learn properly they can be amezing and cool.

Let's see some interesting facts about mathematics:

1. Hundred in reality means 120.

Confusing as it may sound after the heading the weridly interasting thing is that the word "hundred" is derived from another word “hundrath” which actually means 120. Not very logical things for this logical subject!

2. The popular number of all

Well if math would be a high school, number 7 would be the most popular number of all. It is because of many reasons like this is “arithmetically unique”. It is the only number you can't really multiply or divide and still keep it in the group

3. GOOGLE is all about maths

The lifeline of today's line, Google search engine is a term which is derived from word “googol” which is the mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros which reflect infinite amount of search on the internet.

4. The crazy multiplication on math

Few interesting facts about math is how crazy it gets with its function. For instance if you multiply 111,111,111 by 111,111,111 , this becomes equal to 12,345,678,987,654,321. The number seem like going in the same way over and over again.

5. 0 is an Even number

I am sure many of you didn't realise this and never answered this but 0 is an even number. this is hard for people to mentally categorise and therefore they take longer to decide.

6. Calculas means pebbles in Greek.

The famous Greek mathematician, used to have small rock to signify numbers while working on mathematical equations. This led to origin of word calculus which means pebbes in greek.

7. Pizza and pie are related

I may look like someone who is ruiirui pizza for you but you will be amazed to know that the pizza has a radius of “z„ and hight “a”, and therefore it's volume is pi x z x z x a which makes up pizza. Interesting enough to enjoy little math with pizza!!

8. The magic number

If you believe in magic then mathematics does it too. Number 9 is believed to be a magic number. It Is because if you multiply a number 9, and all digit to resulting number, the sum would always come out to be 9. 
9. the story of pie

It was mathematician William shanks who calculated the value of pi (π) which was to 707 places but he made a mistake onn the 528th digit and henceforth incorrectly calculating every digit after that. Pi is therefore not a fractional and this makes it irrational number which neither repeats nor does it end when written as a decimal.

10. Most important equations in math 

If you have to come up with the most exquisite piece in math, then use this equation which have five most important number of math in it.
The equation is e^i*pi+1=0. Seems like love to mathematicians.

11.  Relationship between Shakespeare and maths

No do not get me wrong, Shakespeare was a literature lover and not math lover but the only time he included the word “mathematics” was in play, “ The Taming of the shrew”.

12. It is math or mathwmathem

The debet is going for a long time now Americans called mathematics “math” saying that the function of the same is singular noun and with that logic, that prefer saying "math" which is singular too. But then there are people who call it maths but we are not covering that part.

13. The dreadfully long division

Another  crazy application how math comes in when number 1 is divided by 998001. The answer would give you a complete sequence from 000 to 999 In order. Don't agree with us? Go ahead and try it and be ready to waste a one whole...notebook (!?)

14. Zero is not there in Roman numerical

Did you know that one of the most important number, zero is not represented in the Roman numerical. Derived from Arabic word, ‘sifr’, it is known from a variety of other names like naught, zip, nil, and zilch.

             14. Facts about mathematics

Sunday, 22 July 2018

16.Facts about mumbai, you didn't know

July 22, 2018
Facts about mumbai
  Mumbai earlier known as a bombay is the commerical capital of India, Mumbai is referred as the city that never sleeps.

 Let's explore some interesting facts this city.

1. Mumbai got a name from a goddess tempel mumbadevi. Which placed at boring bundein Mumbai.

2. Mumbai have a best food suppliers in the world, that callds dabbawala. Dabbawala carry food and drop food from their clients kitchens/home in a lunch box to the coustemers workplace efficiently. They have been doing in since 1890 every day at a very steady rate around 200,00 dabbas are dillivered daily by 5000 dabbawala's

3. The India's first train run at bombay on 16 april 1853. with 14 carriers and 400 passengers left bori bandar ( chtrapati shiwaji tarminal ) for thane in maharastra.

4. The India's most colossal theam park imagica is located at Mumbai near khopoli on the pune - Mumbai Highway. The imagica is the India's biggest theame park which spread over an 300 acers area.

5. The Mumbai is an island. Mumbai was denoted by a 7 closely located island which were Portuguese territories until the 16th century in  Portugese gave gave England this 7 island as dowery and Catherine of Braganza and Charles ll marriage  around 60 years ( 1784 - 1845 ) where taken to combine this 7 island into a costal city.

6. The Mumbai is the intertainment capital of India, often called as bollywood, Mumbai is the hub of hindi film industry in India.

7. Mumbai have the worlds most expensive house called antilia, named after an island in Atlantic is a 27 story. This wonder house owned by india'I richest person Mukesh Ambani. it's current price is around 1billion rupees.

8. Mumbai have the Mumbai sea link bridge. Officially known as Rajiv Gandhi sea link, it's length around 5.6 km, it is an architectural wonder as it was made with 90,000 tuns of cement and steel wire compatabale girth of the earth.

9. Mumbai have the world's largest slum called dharavi, Mumbai is so demanding that even the slums here are considered to be the largest and most expensive in India.

10. The first person who owned a car in India was the great sir jamshedji tata he lives in the mumbai, the jamshedji tata is the founder of the Tata empire. It was 1901 that any India brought a car

11. A natural park in the heart of the city
Usually wild life parks are situated in the country side but the Sanjay gandhi national park is located in the heart of Mumbai. Dividing the western and central part of the city, this park covered around 104 area with the variety of around 6300 species.

12. A Mumbai have a lethal railway networks as a combination of over population rush hour, outdated local railway system and lack of the alternative, Mumbai suffers an anormous amount of overload rail victims.

13. The Mumbai is the home to India's biggest street festival Ganesh chaturthi is the most popular 10 days festival in Mumbai which brings the whole city on the street.

14. Fleming's migrate here every winter. Fleming's are pink coloured birds having a long neck they usually migrate from afro - Eurasia parts to mumbai between October to march.

15. Mumbai is the birthplace of the auther of the jungelbook. Rudyard Kipling, the Nobel laureate who wrote the jungelbook  was born on 30 December 1865 in Mumbai. Kipling birth home still stands on the campus of the of art in Bombay which was used as the deans residence for many years.

16. Gilbert hill is located in the Andheri West Gilbert hill is 200 fit. Hill of black basalt rock built around 66 Milion years ago, it's unique because the only USA had a hill made of similar composition.

                    Facts about mumbai.