15. interasting facts about hyderabad, you didn't know

             * Facts about hyderabad*

Situated along the banks of the musi river, hyderabad is also known as the city of Musalman. the time you visit hear, you'll witness the charm that sets the city. The towering and amezing architecture and monuments force will admire you. Here are some interesting facts about hyderabad:

1. City of pearls!

Hyderabad is one of the chief producers of natural pearls and is also a major contributor of the diamond trade, hence is referred as the city of pearls.

2. Biggest monolithic Buddha statue!

With a height of 18 m and weight around 450 tons, this breathtaking statue of Buddha is the biggest single rock statue in the world.

3. India's 4th most populous city!

With the population of about 6.8 million this city is ranked 4th among the most populated cities in India.

4. Biggest Imax theatre in hydHydera!

Prasad's Imax theatre in Hyderabad is the biggest 3d screen in India with a 72 × 95 height and width, respectivel. It is also one of the most att…


Why Bulls hate red colour

Bullfighting is one of the most popular customs in Spain. People from different part of the world come to see a bullfighter (matador)  wave his red cape (muleta) in front of a snorting bull. Who appears to see the red cape and charge angrily towards it. We have a similar event in Tamil nadu during Pongal time.

              As kids, we ware told by our parents not to in front of a bull when wearing a red dress are something along thoes lines.

But why red colour makes Bulls angry?

             Here is a big surprise for you. Bulls are actually colour blind for red and green.

              Bulls, just like other cattel, can't differentiate between red and green colour. But have we not been told that red colours makes Bulls go mad why does a bull lose its temper and come charging?

              It's not the colour,but rather the movement of the cloth that makes bulls so angry. Moreover the Bulls used  in bullfights are from very aggressive breed and they raise…

Top 11 facts about Ganges river. You didn't know


The Ganga is the symbol of Indian civilization and culture, a confluence of intertwined memorism of joys and Painful cries. A Ganga is the source of faith and devotion, a fitness of war victories and deffets. It is the river that gives life to millions of Indian and is river where devotees prefer to take their last breath hoping to wash of all sins they committed. The importance of Ganga cannot be truly captured in word. Ganga lives in our heart but it is time we learn more about this incredible river.  So let's go on journey to the 11 interesting facts about Ganges river.

1. The Ganges origin is from Gangotri glacier in Himalayas southern slope and it runs thought India and Bangladesh covering a total distance of 2520 kilometres.

2. Ganga is the home from 140 different species of fish and 90 different species of amphibians.

3. Ganga is also the home for fresh water dolphin and Ganges sharjs, both of which are endangered species with Ganges…

14. Interesting facts about mathematics. You didn't know

Facts about Mathematics

Math is a very interesting subject, mathematical numbers are one of the significant part of our lives. From career, daily chores to relationship, studies, every thing is related to mathematics. Mathematics can be scarry sometimes, but if you learn properly they can be amezing and cool.

Let's see some interesting facts about mathematics:
1. Hundred in reality means 120.
Confusing as it may sound after the heading the weridly interasting thing is that the word "hundred" is derived from another word “hundrath” which actually means 120. Not very logical things for this logical subject! Source:
2. The popular number of all
Well if math would be a high school, number 7 would be the most popular number of all. It is because of many reasons like this is “arithmetically unique”. It is the only number you can't really multiply or divide and still keep it in the group Source:
3. GOOGLE is all about maths
The lifeline of today's…

16.Facts about mumbai, you didn't know

Facts about mumbai

Mumbai earlier known as a bombay is the commerical capital of India, Mumbai is referred as the city that never sleeps.

Let's explore some interesting facts this city.

1. Mumbai got a name from a goddess tempel mumbadevi. Which placed at boring bundein Mumbai.

2. Mumbai have a best food suppliers in the world, that callds dabbawala. Dabbawala carry food and drop food from their clients kitchens/home in a lunch box to the coustemers workplace efficiently. They have been doing in since 1890 every day at a very steady rate around 200,00 dabbas are dillivered daily by 5000 dabbawala's

3. The India's first train run at bombay on 16 april 1853. with 14 carriers and 400 passengers left bori bandar ( chtrapati shiwaji tarminal ) for thane in maharastra.

4. The India's most colossal theam park imagica is located at Mumbai near khopoli on the pune - Mumbai Highway. The imagica is the India's biggest theame park which spread over an 300 acers area.

5. The Mumb…